If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Naples, and a dining experience that truly represents how Neapolitans dine, you simply must try our Fai Tu menu. Starting at £30 per person, it's a option best served to a party of 6 or more. If you are joining us as a party of 8 or more, this will be the only option offered to you due to our small kitchen.

There's no set menu as the dishes change depending on produce that's available each season. But if there are ingredients you’d really like to taste, just let us know beforehand and we’ll do our best to make sure they’re included for you.

As an appetizer, you’ll get olives and bread with olive oil, then for starters, dishes with seafood, cured meats, cheeses and vegetables. Next will be a variety of pastas with seafood and meat, followed by a fish or meat main course.

Rosario will cook whatever you prefer most of. So if your table loves seafood, we’ll make sure the dishes focus on fish and seafood. We also love to cook for vegetarians and make delicious gluten-free bread, pasta and desserts, so everyone feels included!

This experience must be booked in advance so we can discuss your preferences.

Just call us on 0131 346 8800 and we'll make sure you have a dining experience to remember!